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John and Kim Cain

We have been acquainted with Milt for over 35 years and have always relied upon him to take care of our heating and air conditioning needs. Therefore, it was only natural to hire him based upon his capability and know how during the renovation and new addition to our home. We added a substantial amount of square footage along with a second story and were truly grateful for Milt’s proficiency and knowledge in determining the proper system for the entire house. We have found through our experience and talking to friends who have used other companies, that the level of skill and expertise offered by American Refrigeration & Heating is unparalleled. Milt was highly competent in recommending and customizing the perfect units to efficiently heat and cool our newly remodeled home. We are extremely happy with our system and appreciate the way Milt and his staff provide year ‘round service and maintenance whenever a need arises.
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